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Technology Design Limited (Technology Design), located in the Northwest of England was established in 1995 and specialises in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced ultrasonic data acquisition systems. From the outset, Technology Design was a leader in the field of miniaturisation of computerised UT systems. Our early TDScan system, evolved into the original 8-channel PocketScan and later the PocketScan PS45 which remains a leader in ToFD and Corrosion Mapping services. The HandyScan and FocusScan range of fully integrated computerised systems were then added to the portfolio.

Combining phased array, FMC/TFM, ToFD, zonal discrimination (AUT), and pulse-echo techniques into a convenient and powerful range of instruments, our systems are the ideal solution for non-destructive testing. Applications include weld testing, corrosion mapping, hydrogen damage surveys, and pipeline girth weld inspection. Technology Design’s data acquisition units are used for the inspection of metals, composites, polymers, forgings, castings, and structures.

Our UT solutions serve a wide range of industry sectors including oil and gas, pipeline, power generation and renewables, chemical, manufacturing, aerospace and transport, public services, education, and research.

Technology Design has built a reputation for its outstanding customer service and ability to solve customer requirements. Our custom design electronics and software can offer specific solutions for a complete integrated system or for applications where a standard portable system would be impractical, such as underwater inspections using ROVs.

A ‘total solution’ offering is also available to all Technology Design customers, providing the convenience of purchasing OEM scanners, probes, and accessories from a single source, which seamlessly integrates with Technology Design ultrasonic data acquisition systems.

In 2014 Technology Design was acquired by Nova Instruments, a premium quality provider of high-tech analytical instrumentation for a broad range of scientific and industrial applications.

Being part of Nova Instruments provides access to a wider customer base and promotes collaboration with other specialties within the group, allowing Technology Design to continue its journey in excellence through open dialogue with customers and industry experts, and constant improvement of its products.

Technology Design instruments are available through a global network of authorised distributors, offering expert product knowledge locally within your region. Locate a distributor near you here.

BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Administration Systems Standard

Technology Design hold the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Administration Systems Standard

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