Airplanes flying through clouds to depict Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in aerospace applications.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in aerospace applications includes the ultrasonic detection and characterisation of manufacturing and in-service defects. Ultrasonic inspections are performed on both composite and metal structures, components on commercial and military aircraft, missiles and manned space vehicles, satellites, and space probes as well as ground support vehicles and structures.

The safety of personnel and the public is paramount with little margin for error. Technology Design’s computerised ultrasonic acquisition systems deliver the functionality required to gather effective quality control data in support of the rigorous procedures that ensure the structural integrity of these valuable assets.
The multi-probe capability of Technology Design’s systems and versatile software provides the ideal platform for NDT engineers to apply routine inspection procedures and techniques, or design procedures unique to their applications. Ultrasound may be introduced at various angles to maximise the probability of defect detection and display the data in top, end, and side projections to improve analysis and inform decisions.

Data display and analysis techniques such as corrosion mapping, multi-dimensional imaging, using pulse-echo, phased arrays, and other techniques like FMC/TFM may be deployed seamlessly as required. Technology Design’s systems are supplied as fully functional portable boxed units or hardware ‘card-stacks’ for integration into larger scanning assemblies. Technology Design’s development team is available for consultation on software development and adaptation to assist customers in optimising inspection requirements.

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