Solutions for Complex Inspections

Most ultrasonic inspections lend themselves to the basic, standard equipment available from suppliers.  Other applications require a system with more capability that meets certain additional requirements or adds a level of support that is not normally needed.  The phrase ‘Complex Inspection’ can mean different things, each demanding a higher level of knowledge, skill, and equipment sophistication. For example, complex geometry like offshore jacket nodes; difficult materials like austenitic and duplex steels; welds requiring complex setups like J-preps, and even difficult terrain and harsh environmental conditions like those encountered on some pipeline projects.  All of these factors and more can add to what sometimes may seem like an impossible task for the people who carry out inspections while having to maintain consistent precision and data quality under challenging circumstances.

Complex Inspections

What can we do to ease the pressure under which these inspectors labour?

Technology Design has been designing and manufacturing computerised UT systems for almost three decades, responding to the call for constant innovation and improvement from a demanding NDT industry.

One of our latest developments is the progression of the FocusScan RXII – a multi-functional UT acquisition system that offers a myriad of standard features that can support complex inspections. Supplied on three boxed hardware platforms: standard, rack mount, and customised enclosures, with either 128 or 256-element phased array capability. All formats feature multiple phased array connectors and conventional UT is offered using dedicated electronics with eight or sixteen probe connectors, enabling the use of multiple probes for complex geometry inspections.  

TD’s latest development is the Rack Mount FSRXII with a reconfigured front panel and electronics housed in a well-ventilated steel enclosure to mount into any standard server rack frame or cabinet.  Recently featured in Phoenix ISL’s new M.A.R.S. system (Modular Accessory Racking System) and supporting their Orbital scanner, the Rack Mount FSRX II provided highly accurate data for zonal discrimination – a complex and exacting application.

The PS45 PocketScan is another example of a Technology Design solution with the capability to support complex inspections. Through recent development, the PS45 is now available with up to 64 conventional channels. This allows the operator to deploy multiple probes simultaneously and can support complex inspections such as recordings taken from multi-probe permanent ultrasonic monitoring installations. 

TD also offers integrated solutions with customisable hardware and software enabling clients to create tailored solutions for the most challenging NDT applications. From electronic boards and software for complete integration with inspection assemblies to customised solutions for inspections in harsh environments. An example of this is a highly effective acquisition solution for sub-sea inspections. This environment presents a very different set of inspection criteria and challenges. Several of our customers have successfully produced purpose-built sub-sea assemblies that incorporate sub-assemblies integrating Technology Design units for Riser Inspection, Corrosion Mapping, and even weld testing.

The TD Scan software is also adept at managing complex inspections. One of its most striking features is TD’s StripScan Zonal software, which offers code-compliant stripcharts with integrated A, B, S, and TFM views and a host of functions to aid setup and analysis.  The FSRXII and TDScan combination has been approved under the DNV-OS-F101 certification on many pipeline projects and has become one of the leaders in the international pipeline inspection market.

TD’s commitment to improvement and customer service, coupled with the ability to customise solutions provides our customers with solutions for the most demanding and complex inspections.

Written by Mark Nel, Technical Sales and Application Specialist