Our Most Advanced Software To Date!

TDScan 20.05 includes brand-new features placing the FocusScan RXII and other TD systems at the forefront of portable computerised UT inspection. 

TDScan 20.05 significantly improves data acquisition rates. Coupled with speed enhancements, when using the FSRXII for ToFD, there is less need for signal averaging due to advances in noise deduction.

TDScan 20.05 and the FSRXII now bring FMC/TFM into the TD portfolio. Engineers can seamlessly include real-time encoded, multi-channel TFM into their existing inspection plans using highly configurable additional controls in the familiar TDScan user interface. Users can choose different methods of producing FMC/TFM data:

  • Full Matrix
  • Half Matrix
  • Custom
  • Plane Wave Imaging (PWI)
  • Virtual Source – Linear
  • Virtual Source – Swept Angle

Soft Gate functionality has been enhanced with Fixed and Floating options in both time and amplitude; improving measurement accuracy for corrosion mapping and other inspections where the evaluation signal may be highly variable.

Codes and Acceptance Criteria that express acceptability in decibels with respect to an amplitude reference level are satisfied in TDScan 20.05. The dB value in relation to an operator defined reference level is displayed in the data status bars in both real time and analysis modes.

Using TDScan 20.05, polygonal inspection areas may now be defined with additional controls to ensure hysteresis correction.  This has proven highly effective in aircraft wing inspections.

TDScan’s well known StripScan module for Zonal inspections has also been enhanced in Version 20.05, making it even more configurable and adaptable to code and customer requirements.

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